Urban Traffic


Commercial, Industrial and Residential Developments will all need to consider Air Quality in their Planning Application.

Poor Air Quality across the UK has been linked to reduced physical and mental health and in recent years directly linked to a number of deaths. To ensure the problem doesn't get any worse, the UK government now requires most new developments to include some form of Air Quality Assessment as part of the planning application.

Our services include:

  • Air Quality Assessment: An assessment covering, the analysis of existing conditions at the site, the potential for future site users to be exposed to harmful pollutants, and the impacts the site could have on the local area

  • Air Quality Monitoring: Air Quality monitoring can be utilized anywhere across the UK to provide accurate readings of Air Quality at your desired location. 

  • Dispersion modeling: Using computer software, pollutant emissions from vehicles and combustion plants (CHP's, Boilers, Generators) can all be modeled to determine the extent of any potential impacts.

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