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Do you need an Air Quality Assessment to support your planning application? 

Exposure To Poor Air Quality

Is your development in an area of high pollution? 

Areas of high Air Pollution are found in most built up areas across the UK, from big cities to small market towns.

Sensitive To Poor

Air Quality

Is your development sensitive to poor Air Quality

Land uses such as residential, Education and medical are all sensitive to poor air quality.

PEC Air Quality Assessment.png

Impact On

Air Quality

Will your development impact local Air Quality?

Impacts can come from vehicles traveling to and from new developments or from any on site combustion such as boilers or generators.

You could need an Air Quality Assessment to support your planning application if your development could Expose future site users, Impact the local area, or is Sensitive to poor air quality.

Speak with one of our Air Quality Consultants to discuss what's best for your development. 

More Air Quality

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Developments all need to consider Air Quality within their Planning Applications.

It is now commonly recognised there is a link between poor Air Quality and reduced mental and physical health including premature death. The UK government now requires most new developers to include some form of Air Quality Assessment as part of their planning application.

Our services include:

  • Air Quality Assessment: An assessment covering, the analysis of existing conditions at the site, the potential for future site users to be exposed to harmful pollutants, and the impacts the site could have on the local area.

  • Air Quality Monitoring: Air Quality monitoring can be utilised anywhere across the UK to provide accurate readings of Air Quality at your desired location. 

  • Air Quality Neutral (AQN): Policy SI 1 of the London Plan requires new developments to be Air Quality Neutral.

  • Air Quality Positive (AQP): Large-scale development sites within London are required maximise benefits to local air quality and minimising exposure for future site users to become Air Quality Positive.

  • Dispersion modelling: Using computer software, pollutant emissions from vehicles and combustion plants (CHP's, Boilers, Generators) can all be modelled to determine the extent of any potential impacts.

Get in touch with one of our expert Air Quality consultants for initial advice and your free, no obligation quote. 

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