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Blurry Drops


Location: Scotland

PEC were contacted by the developers to produce an artificial lighting assessment in support of a proposed industrial development upon a request from the local planning authority.

Planning Condition:

As per the local planning authority wishes, no work could commence until an artificial lighting assessment was carried out “to ensure that any lighting installed within the application site does not spill beyond the intended target area, does not impact adversely upon the amenity of adjacent properties and does not result in 'sky glow'.”


Legislation, guidance and local policy was considered during the preparation of the lighting assessment and computational modelling of the proposed development was utilised to consider the worst-case levels of light trespass at receptor locations and past the site boundary.

Lighting Assessment

Modelling results indicated that lighting levels at nearby receptors was considered to be not significant and no mitigation methods were required to minimise impacts. The artificial lighting associated with the proposed development was therefore considered suitable.

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