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Modern Restaurant Kitchen


Location: London

PEC were asked to produce an odour assessment in support of a proposed building refurbishment in order to assess the risk of odour impacts from the site and, if necessary, recommend required odour controls.

Planning Condition:

During the refurbishment of the building, the proposed kitchen extraction will be relocated to extract out to the roof and is situated in close proximity to existing sensitive receptors. As such, an Odour Risk and Controls Assessment has been undertaken in order to consider the potential impacts and set out the required controls. The risk assessment took into account odour impacts (based on the standard FIDOR acronym) and guidance from DEFRA and IAQM.


The risk assessment determined the current extraction system produced a ‘very high’ impact risk, whereas the newly proposed extraction system would lower this down to a ‘high’ impact risk. We subsequently proposed mitigation measures in line with official guidance such as, kitchen exhaust filters.

Odour Impact Assessment

Based on the results of the risk assessment and the proposed implementation of kitchen exhaust filters, alongside good dispersion and associated plant maintenance design, it was considered that the proposed kitchen exhaust was acceptable without the requirement for additional abatement.

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