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Construction Sites


Can PEC help support your Environmental Impact Assessment? 


Will your development be exposed to unwanted or harmful environmental factors?

Your developments could be exposed to a wide range of environmental factors including poor air quality, nuisance odours or harmful dust. Considering exposure at an early stage within your EIA helps avoid issues in the long run.


Not all developments are sensitive to all impacts, what is your development sensitive to?

By considering the different sensitivities of the land uses within your EIA you can plan your site layout to minimise impacts and exposure, 

PEC Environmental Impact Assessment


Will your development impact on the local area in any way?

Anything your development introduces into an area will have an positive or negative impact. It's important to consider all impacts at an early stage within your EIA.

PEC can support your Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by providing you with expert guidance and robust environmental assessments. 

Speak with one of our Environmental Consultants to discuss what's best for your development.


If your development requires an EIA, our consultants can provide bespoke Environmental Statement (ES) chapters in your design and template for any of our services.

Through continued consultation with the client and local authority, we are able to provide accurate assessments and avoid delays.

Get in touch with one of our consultants today for help and advice on Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements. 

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