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You will need a Noise assessment to support your planning application if your development could Expose future site users, Impact the local area or requires Safe levels of noise.

Exposure To Elevated Noise Levels

Is your development at risk of being exposed to high noise levels?

Developments in close proximity to existing noise sources such as highways, rail lines or industrial units will need to undertake a noise survey to support their planning application.

Safe Levels Of Noise

Is the level of Noise acceptable for the intended use?

Elevated Noise levels in the workplace can have a lasting impact on your hearing, it is critical that suitable mitigation measures are implemented to avoid long term health implications

Noise and Vibration Assessment

Impacts From Elevated Noise Levels

Will your development have an impact on local noise levels?

Any development has the potential to impact on local noise levels. Taking early intervention to mitigate noise impacts within your design can prevent noise complaints.

Speak with one of our Noise Consultants to discuss what's best for your development.


Noise is a leading cause of statutory nuisance complaints within the UK. Support your planning application with a bespoke Noise assessment for your development.

Our Services Include:

  • Industrial or Commercial Noise Survey (BS 4142): This survey is required if the proposed development would increase the noise levels into the surrounding area, particularly if the site is located close to residential properties. It also assesses the likely hood of future noise complaints and can provide mitigation advice to reduce this risk.

  • Noise at Work Survey: The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 came into effect on 6th April 2006 and regulates the level of noise workers can be safely exposed to before training and hearing protection must be provided by the employer.

  • Construction Site Noise Monitoring Surveys and Noise Management Plan: A construction noise monitoring survey and management plan can protect the site workers as well as nearby receptors. It will outline operational and training procedures to ensure noise levels are kept below acceptable levels, designated as part of the planning application and agreed upon by the local planning authority.

  • Residential Noise Survey (BS 8233): This survey/assessment is usually required when a new residential building is being developed with close proximity to potential sources of high noise levels such as motorways, train lines, airports, entertainment or industrial premises. The survey aims to quantify a baseline noise level for the immediate area, to predict potential impacts to future site users and to determine if additional noise mitigation measures would be required.

  • Other Specific Noise Assessments: Our consultants can offer bespoke noise assessments, catering to the specific requirements of your situation.

Get in touch with one of our expert Noise consultants for your initial advice and free, no obligation quote. 

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