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You will need an Artificial Lighting Assessment to support your planning application if your development could Expose future site users, Impact the local area or require specific levels of light to ensure a safe working environment.

Exposure To Artificial Light

Is your development near existing artificial lighting?

Existing artificial lighting could become a nuisance to future site users.

Safe Levels of Artificial Lighting

Are you providing enough lighting for your intended use?

From sports pitches to loading bays, each land use required a different level of artificial light to ensure a safe working environment.

Artificial Lighting Assessment

Impacts From Artificial Lighting 

Will lighting at your development become a nuisance to the local area?

Artificial lighting impacts occur as a result of poor planning and incorrect installed.

Speak with one of our Lighting Consultants to discuss what's best for your development.


Any development that is located near to or will introduce new artificial lighting will need to consider it within their Planning Applications.

It is important to ensure you are providing future site users with adequate lighting to safely use the site. Whether its driving on a new road, playing football on a new pitch, or operating heavy machinery, the correct level of light is critical to a safe environment. 

Our Services Include:

  • Lighting Scheme Design: ​
    It is important to ensure all artificial lighting installed across a site is designed as a coherent scheme, working together and independently to ensure a safe environment for future site users without adversely impacting the local area.

  • Artificial Lighting Impact Assessment:​
    Although the use of specific artificial lights may appear to be the best choice based on their specification sheet, it is often necessary to undertake an artificial lighting impact assessment to ensure you will not cause a statutory nuisance to the local area. 

  • Ecological Lighting Impact Assessment: 
    The introduction of artificial lighting to an area has the potential to negatively impact the local wildlife and surrounding ecology. Lighting in the vicinity of a bat roost could constitute an offence since it causes disturbance and potential abandonment of the roost, It can also prevent bats from emerging which leads to entombment and death.

  • Artificial Lighting Monitoring survey:
    Existing lighting can be monitored to provide an accurate representation of baseline lighting levels in a given location or across a development site.


Get in touch with one of our expert lighting consultations for your initial advice and free, no obligation quote. 

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