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Walk to School Week

This month, we are promoting national Walk to School Week between the 16th and 20th May. Trade in your car keys for your trainers and learn about the benefits of a morning walk with your little ones. Not only does ditching those short car rides promote cleaner Air Quality in your community and near your schools, but it also helps start the day of with some healthy exercise.


  • Did you know that your car produces the most pollution for the first 5-10 minutes (3-5 miles) of your morning journey as the catalytic converters haven’t been able to warm up?

  • Did you also know most parents drive less than 1.6 miles to drop off their children?


A Department for Transport survey conducted each year since 2002 shows a staggering increase from 37% to 47% of primary school children get to school by car with an increasing trend for cars rather than walking. An even greater trend towards cars can be seen for journeys between 1 and 2 miles where children arrive by car has risen from 56% to almost 75%.


This increase in short car trips has resulted in dangerous spikes in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM10) contributing to poor air quality during school drop off and pick up times. By leaving your car at home you can help provide your little ones with a cleaner and safer trip to school

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