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Do you need an Odour Risk Assessment to support your planning application? 

Exposure To Odour

Is your development located near a source of odour? 

Odours can be generated from industrial works, farming, cooking and many other sources, Any Development located near a potential Odour source should consider exposure to Odour within their planning application. 

Sensitivity To Odour Impacts

Is your development sensitive to Odours?

Any land use where people can be expected to spend any significant period of time is considered sensitive to Odours. 

PEC Odour Assessment

Odour Impacts

Will your development generate Odour during operation?

Odours generated by a development can become a nuisance for local residence. To avoid statutory nuisance complaints, Odour should be considered within your planning application, 

You could need an Odour Risk Assessment to support your planning application if your development could Expose future site users, Impact the local area, or is Sensitive to Odour impacts.

Speak with one of our Odour Managment Consultants to discuss what's best for your development.


Odours can be the cause of statutory nuisance complaint. Support your planning application with one of our bespoke Odour assessments.

Our Services Include

  • Field Odour Survey: Our Consultants have been certified to conduct Field Odour Surveys of any existing odour source. These can be used to support your planning application or support a complaint to the local authority.

  • Kitchen Odour Risk Assessment: Professional kitchens can release strong odours into the local area. A kitchen odour risk assessment should be undertaken to minimise the chance of complaints from neighbours.

  • Odour assessment: proposed developments that have the potential to emit odours or are located close to existing odour sources will all need an odour assessment to form part of the planning application.

Get in touch with one of our expert Odour consultants for your initial advice and free, no obligation quote.

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